Drops of Warm Tears

Written by Rita Maharjan

Drops of Warm Tears

 Drops of Warm Tears


Days passed with her sometimes strike

 My innocent memory as too painful,

Moments of intimacy even today

Hurt like burning wounds!


Closest we were not far away

Are now far apart from each other,

  However distant is she now,

In me remains as close as ever!


The mystery of this delicate relation

Remains still mystic as ever,

As if she is my own or a stranger

Is a painful feeling still haunting!


Unwillingly, though not often

Do I happen to recall days together,

Share we did the bed, play and grow together

Where she used to be I used to be, inter depended!


Though nothing embarrassing or to regret,

Neither easy do I feel nor she,

No intention either to be separated though,

The truth is, no bondage exists!


Within the inner of both

Hidden may be still afresh

The wordless wishes and a few drops of tears

Moistening the eyes of both!

The poem is written in Nepalbhasha by Rita Maharjan and translated to English by the poet herself.