Obscurity within the light

Written by Purna Vaidya

Obscurity within the light

Obscurity within the light



The hundreds of fingers of light

In front of the main doorway

Overlaid with the sun]

As slept with a long night

The house should be made virtuous

As this, the arrangement


In this exultation

I, also, my words

Cleansing one after another

The emanating blood, of the sacrifice

In the tributary of Time


Possibly there also, anywhere

The seed of obscurity may stuck

Moreover, the word, the seed of time

As the epoch matures -

But, who should I convey?

Speciously -

At whatever time —

Yet again, from the long den of the night

The Dark is oozing

Enveloping by the light

Sitting within the light, they -

Crumbling the light

Camouflaged obscurity

Enfolded with dewdrops

Consuming my sun


Moreover - Why did the light grow into smudged?

Today I am amassing -


Kept in the roasting pot of the sky

Brought, after reheated

Resembling an old cornbread

With the same worn-out morning

The sound of tea, and the breakfast

I was smoking

The haste of light

Yet again, we

The door of Night, utterly

Forgot to close!

Again we

Smoke - cold dew, all sieved

In the strainer, as clear as possible

The Glittering Time -

Alas! I forgot to grab it!

(The poem originally written by Purna Vaidya, is translated to English by Sylvia Razopadhyay)