Poem : My Story

- Sunil Bajracharya

Poem : My Story

The color, I wiped out from your lips
Not the apex of anarchism with you
I pronounce 
It's my right to make your lips washed-out

The fresh drops blossomed on your cheeks
Not the result of being discourteous 
I say
It's my right to render smooth cheeks to blush

When your eyes get shut, unknowingly 
How can I refer unrestrained to this happy moment of yours? 
Hence, I say
It's my right to close justly opened eyes, slowly and gently

Obliterated lips to washed-out is another name for my love
Transformed cheeks to flushed is a sign of my love
Closed eyes of yours are the zenith of my love

Remember that rainy moment
When I was drenched
Your question was "How much have you loved me?"
My answer was "Better to count the droplets"

Now, time rotates
This rainy season
I tumbled with the drift of water
You hold me
Moment proved to be the pinnacle of love 

- Love becomes unbounded 
- Love becomes muddled
But even, everything becomes righto 
You have to consent, what I said
In the same concord 
I settled in your mind
You into my heart
My aroma moved to you
Your fragrance to me

I kept on expressing 
My love bestowing, like so
"Thus far, wiped the color of lips evermore,

Those eyes would, not once, wipe out black."

Originally written by Sunil Bajracharya, the poem has been translated to English by Sylvia Razopadhyay